7500 Churches We strive to reach the unreached and to spread the Love of Christ in many villages and towns of India. We are praying that we reach people with the mandate that God has for Pastor Abraham and Christ For India.

25 Orphanages Serving the homeless and unloved children is one of our main endeavors in being the hands and feet of God. We want to love more, rescue more and give these children a better and brighter future.

15 Higher Secondary Schools As we continue to love and serve the nation of India, we keep in mind that the key to changing and shaping the future of this nation is from an economic and social viewpoint which to us means investing in the economic and social growth. We will stay true to this mission to educate and build the lives of the future generations of India.

300 Sewing Institutes We are glad that this initiative has become one of the most influential and path breaking idea to support the women in our country who are oppressed and sideline for accepting Christ. We strive to be an organization that not only loves and serves people but also stands for justice.

20 Bible Schools The secret to our exponential growth has been our bible colleges and schools churning out students that are sent to their respective states and fields of ministry. It is only obvious that we need more Bible Schools and Colleges to expand the kingdom of God further.

2 Old age Homes As the need to take care of the elderly keeps on increasing, we are finding ways and means to take care of our pastors who otherwise do not have a place to stay as they cannot depend on anyone but us. We as an organization want to serve and help them after their long years in ministry.

10 Medical Clinics With the poor increasing in number, the demand for medical aid is higher than before. With a heart of compassion and a command by Christ to serve, this project reaches the villages where medical aid is vanishing. We hope to use this evangelistic tool more in the years to come to make Christ known.

Signed pledge cards to protect communities in central and East Africa

1 Hospital It has been the vision of Pastor Abraham to build a Hospital of 250 beds where we charge for only 150 beds and give the remaining 100 beds to people in need. We are ready with the dream and are waiting on the resources to be released by God.