Schools We have opened high schools in many impoverished states of India with the focused goal to give kids from any background/caste/ creed the best education at little to no cost to them. We teach almost 3000 kids in rural India with the best education to equip and empower them, giving them a fighting chance in the emerging economy of the ever growing India.

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Making engineers for a better future Engineering college We did not stop at building schools, we wanted every rural Indian youngster to not only be a high school graduate but to make a career that would help build India for the next generations to come. Today our graduates stand tall not only being ambassadors of Christ but also with educated minds equipped to influence society with high paying jobs to support their families, while improving their social and economic status.

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Sewing Schools Often when women become Christians, they are driven away from their homes which brings them on to the streets. Pastor Abraham decided to teach them a skill to enable them to earn money to support themselves. We taught these women to sew and gave them a sewing machine as a graduation present.

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Bible Training Schools Training and equipping is the key for the growth of our ministry. In our Bible colleges and training centers which are operating in various states of India, we raise future leaders and pastors of various states to go back and become full-time pastors. These institutes house, train and give these apprentices the knowledge and spiritual guidance to reach out to people of their specific people groups with regard to their culture and background.

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