Our Story The journey of R Abraham`s faith in Christ began on an evening in 1968, when he got saved and decided to dedicate his entire life for God assigned purpose. With a bachelor's degree in chemistry, everyone in his family had assumed that this young boy would look for a well-paying job. But he did the unthinkable; He decided to give up his ambitions of pursuing a secular career and serve the Lord full time. This radical decision bore fruit many folds because it had God`s personal instructions in it.

The 1st step towards it was the establishment of NEW INDIA CHURCH OF GOD under the leadership of Rev R Abraham and Rev V A Thampy in 1976 in Kerala, Southern India.

In 1980, God instructed Rev R Abraham to extend this work in North India so he along with his newly wedded wife Joyce moved to the capital city of New Delhi. This place was no better than a foreign land for him, he neither understood the language nor the culture with an add on of North India being a land of persecution for Christians. But God used Rev R Abraham to establish 300 churches within 10 years in this region confirming His involvement in this ministry.

Fast forwarding to today, New India Church of God has become the fastest growing Pentecostal organization in the nation of India. It has 4550 churches across 26 states out of 28 states of India, Nepal and the Middle East, 15 bible colleges, 17 orphanages, 8 high schools, 85 sewing schools for women and 1 engineering school operational under it.

With the chapters just being added, there is so much left to be done and so many more to reach" says Pastor Abraham.