Our Story The journey began on an evening in 1968, when R. Abraham born in a middle class family and the only son with sisters who were of marriageable age, made a decision, that would not only change his life but would also impact generations to come. He completed a bachelor's degree in chemistry, while taking care of his parents but then R. Abraham finally did the unthinkable and started following Christ, with the hope of fulfilling his purpose on this earth.

God's provision was an eye opener, as Pastor Abraham moved into a rented house and settled down knowing that this would be his home for years to come, till the Lord would direct him to move to another place if need be. He returned to Kerala in the month of December 1980 and married Joyce in the same month.

It took Pastor Abraham 10 years to establish 300 churches in North India and he stayed true to his calling. He achieved this, despite North India being a place of persecution and opposition towards Christians. He toiled hard, prayed every day for God to change the nation of India and to use him to achieve the goal to reach the unreachable.

God's provision has no end and His favor has resulted in New India Church of God being the fastest growing Pentecostal organization in the nation of India. There are 4270 churches across 26 states out of 28 states of India, Nepal and the Middle East, 15 bible colleges, 17 orphanages, 5 high schools, 150 sewing schools for women and the list goes on and on.

From the day he started following Jesus Christ to this day, Pastor R. Abraham has been faithful in everything he has done. From a humble beginning in the 1980s till today, Pastor R. Abraham preaches the Gospel to the other end of the earth. Being one of the most renowned church leaders in India, Pastor Abraham was one of the two people who were elected from the nation of India to speak about the church growth under the leadership of Rev. Yonggi Cho, Korea. "With the chapters just being added, there is so much left to be done and so many more to reach" says Pastor Abraham.

His only desire is for God to continue this vision that He gave him for generations to come. Christ for India / New India Church of God is not Pastor Abraham - it's bigger - it is God's vision for the nation of India.