Everything starts with obedience… Just like the first day that took Pastor R. Abraham to a platform he could have never thought of, a place right under Gods banner and foundation that has not only blessed him but has also through him, blessed millions. Pastor Abraham’s main objective to join the ministry was to spread the love that he had received and experienced when he accepted Jesus Christ in his life. He still remembers the time when he started the ministry from the streets with no money, no friends and no experience. With obedience he got a dream to reach the lost people of the nation of India. It has been almost 42 years now and when he looks at the things that God has done in and through his life, he feels that it was purely the faithfulness and grace of God.

While he turns 64, many feel that he is on his way towards retirement but he assures us that he will stay faithful to the call that God has given him till his last breath. His only desire is for God to continue this vision that He gave him for generations to come. Christ for India / New India Church of God is not Pastor Abraham - it's bigger - it's a vision of God for the nation of India.


Mrs. Joyce Abraham is the backbone of not only the Abraham family but also an important pillar to the Christ For India ministry. Blessed with two beautiful daughters and one handsome son, who play a major part in the ministry with the different roles they hold, she is also a dotting grandmother to two grandchildren. Mrs. Abraham is passionate about serving the women of her community while equipping and encouraging them to do more for the body of Christ. She leads the “Fasting and Praying Marathon” and the “Chain Prayer” apart from the many other women’s meetings in her community. Like her husband, her vision is to transform the city of Delhi and India with the power of God and make true disciples of Jesus Christ.