I distinctly felt God speak to me in March 2018, to film this documentary titled ‘a New India’. This documentary not only highlights incredible India with its heart wrenching needs, but also the great work that is being done by Christ for India. This documentary is about raising awareness of the difference that Christ for India is making to the people of India, as well as giving you the great opportunity to be part of this wonderful work. The founder of Christ for India/New India Church of God, Rev. Dr. R. Abraham, spearheads this work.


Robert Commandeur has had significant involvement in India over the last 20 years. He has preached and taught to a variety of audiences, including seminars with hundreds of delegates as well as small village or town crusades and raising much needed finance for the various projects New India Church of God initiated. Robert is passionate about making a difference through preaching, teaching, and the medium of photography and film. Robert can be contacted by visiting